Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Who's "Intelligent Design" is This Anyway?

So, God creates Man on the 6th day. Millions of years later, after a 40-day flood to rid the earth of its sinners, we still argue if God really did all this or if we walked away from our crazy, Godless monkey ancestors.

Hurrican Katrina nearly sinks New Orleans, obviously not a man-made catastrophe, that is, unless you believe those wack-job scientists who say global warming has heated the earth's oceans thus making strong hurricanes more numerous.

A pandemic incubates in Asia. In the image of the H5N1, avaian flue, Americans re-spawn the deadly 1918 Spanish flu that killed millions worldwide. Cloning things, and now bringing deadly viruses back from the "dead" - a virus is never really alive, so it can never really be dead, but it's the idea here - it seems as if we're getting this God created us out of His Image thing down and are just running amok here on earth.

While a Pennsylvania state court decides whether the chicken or the egg should be taught first, I'm watching the West Coast wildfires claim thousands of acres, I'm watching the calender as it flips pages closer to 40 days and 40 nights since the Aug. 29 Hurricane Katrina landfall and following floods, and I'm watching the biological clock tick away the seconds and minutes the H5N1 virus evolves and mutates, like the 1918 Spanish flu, from bird flu to global pandemic. While I'm watching this apocolypse unfold, I'll read the Book of Revelations as told by Stephen King in his bestseller The Stand, and be glad that I'm a sinner, don't believe in Heaven or Hell, and won't have to worry about fighting the final battle between good and evil.


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