Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Eliticism of Subculture Critics...and Everyone's a Critic

The fact of my anti-social personality is no more proven true than in the process of this post. I debate this purpose with the silent voice hammering adjectives and verbs and subject-matter points in my head. But, putting them on screen is a conversation I must have alone with an imaginary audience much smarter than I and fully capable of smelling bullshit in a flower shop.

Between sentences and paragraphs, I twirl a pen and think of what the non-existent voice in my head cannot...complete sentences. Because I can type them, that makes me better than him. But he thinks them and whispers them humbly, altruistic acts of a true writing spirit, contradictory to the writer himself. Trying to speak for him, a butchered and biased translation proceeds now.

Punk is just...punk. It's both. It's the musical style and the message. They both have to be there or it's not punk. There's no way to really get someone to understand. You either do or you don't.
- from Psycho Dave's essay, "The Meaning of Punk: A Memoir" on Kuro5him.

You either know something or you don't, either way, a definition is unexplainable. It's easier to say what something isn't, than to say what it is. Cliches aside, subcultures are created from critics.

Being a writer or a punk or a gamer is not a lifestyle, but a life. A life of images as seen through ideals and self-worth. A subconcious life of shaking heads and pointing fingers away from the body. "I am not this." "I am infinitately more indescribable."

"The Meaning of Punk," to Psycho Dave is one thing, to the critical commenters it's something not so easily packaged between the first capital letter and the final period of the piece.

I am a poser, the non-existent voice is my head is a writer. I embody a definition that he just knows to be true without limiting it to vague words and cliched phrases. That's the way it is with me and this non-existent voice. We don't know how we write together, we just do.


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