Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What happened to the good life?

At what point does complacency turn to paranoia? thinking on the events of 7/7; looking out from under the cloud of smoke hovering where two towers once stood, i see a concrete and gray world. everything seems hard and solid except what's no longer visible - hope.

Nine days after the London terror attacks, Harry Potter returns to top bestseller lists. Christmas in July for kids around the globe. But, what about 7/7? What about 9/11? What about everything that once would have meant nothing? Why do i fear the events in London were conconcted around a mahogony desk as a way to promote something else?

Is it so far-fetched? Conspiracy theorists immediately jumped to the same conclusion about the World Trade Center attacks. When no WMDs were found in Iraq, the entire world, it seemed, shouted foul-play. The scars of these mornings are still ripe, and no one utters or even looks at the wounds - could they be self-inflicted? Did we do these acts to remind ourselves that we still live because we can still bleed?

We drug our children because they'd rather be outside in the mud than sitting in a classroom. We drug ourselves because some days it's too hard to smile on our own. Have we become numb? Do we need to bleed to breathe?

After 9/11, America united in gold, flag pins. We wanted revenge on the people responsible. We wanted revenge on anyone that hadn't suffered like we had. We wanted blood then. And we've seen it spilt in Afghan mountains and Iraqi sand. But, we saw it on television. We watch human death tolls with the same surreal attention as watching Americans jump from burning buildings. Is that what it takes now...a surreal reality...watching heroes die, enemies demand ransom, and innocents in chaos?

Is this what 9/11 has left us with? a future of deaths both noble and suspect? will a book ever be just a book again?


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