Friday, July 08, 2005

Between the lines of my resume

it's been a struggle to maintain this/these blogs as i had hoped. no longer. today, i take the professional pressure and hang it on my wall beside the Hunter S. Thompson commemorative issue of Rolling Stone; the responsibility, i place in my wallet to walk with me as i leave my privacy in my bedroom.

in the era that will be known for its marketing to an alienated and divided public, i sat in journalism classes learning the disappearing act of objectivity. like accuracy, it must be actively sought, researched, and verified with each story. admirable. noble. unfortunately, America has long since given up on its heroes, and seeks, instead, the hero within us all.

those heroes are only as strong as our individual voices. those are the heroes i never learned about in my journalism classes, but i see their proud reflections, now, as i think back on what i learned in college: the value of objectivity and importance of independence.

the news is not biased. reporting is effect, speculation is cause, and news is everything in between. it is what is said and what is not said. it is black and it is white. readers and reporters are the thin gray line of silence between the two. as a journalist, the truth is what i seek. as an American, understanding is not so much about seeing as it is about believing.

but, the media is more than just the news. it's a message, not only to ourselves, but also to the future. books, movies, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet...each a member of the media; each a talking reflection of ourselves.

behind each newspaper story, NY Times bestseller, blockbuster movie, and web blog post, sits a single person creating a message for a single person on the other side. as a professional, i'm the creator. as a person, i'm the audience. what follows will be my sideline view of the back-and-forth action between the two. but, my view is biased. i root for the underdog, but this is a game where both sides have a single weakness: its dependence on the other.


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I will continue to post comments on you're blogs because although i am totally intoxicated right now i will forever admire you're journalism skills......and i even listened to BOTH...not one..but BOTH songs that u recommended to me..thanks :)..and i seriously hope that we are able to talk soon...u know who this is :-)..B

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