Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Scout found by volunteers after 4 days

Scout found by volunteers after 4 days: "The 11-year-old boy missing for four days in rugged terrain of northeast Utah was found today -- cold and thirsty, but alive -- by two volunteer searchers on horseback. 'A little dehydrated, a little weak, but other than that, he's currently in very good health,' Summit County Sheriff David Edmunds told reporters."

This is not the last of this story. Read the article. This is what you'll see highlighted in the coming days and weeks:

"As soon as they got there, he ate all the food they had on them," including granola bars, Edmunds said, adding that the boy was found five miles west of where he was last seen, not far off a trail.

Four days they searched for him, and he was only five miles away? Close to a Trail? You would think a community effort as large as this would have searched at least a 5-mile radius around the last-seen spot to begin with, not to mention along trail lines.


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