Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My Top Ten

100 people who are qualified to carry the "Bad Mothafucka" wallet besides Pulp Fiction's Jules Winfield.

The Lizard King compiles a lengthy list of superhumans. I do not agree with all of them, but some (Mr. Miyagi, TMNT's Raphael, and R2D2) made me cringe in jealousy and blush with admiration for the King. But, the King did not include some of my boyhood (and adulthood) heroes.

I've come up with my top ten, not included in his list...they are:

10. Peter (Ron Livingston), Office Space
9. Martin Blank (John Cusack), Grosse Pointe Blank
8. Roland from Stephen King's Dark Tower Series
7. Number 5, Short Circuit
6. Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), Casablanca
5. Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin), The Goonies
4. the Bride (Uma Thurman), Kill Bill
3. Lt. John McClane (Bruce Willis), Die Hard
2. President John F. Kennedy
1. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford)


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